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Drop Shipping Apps Worth Paying For on Shopify


Who Is Shopify? 

In the great and vast unknown universe known as dropshipping one platform has screamed to the forefront to be a leader in its field. That leader is Shopify pronounced. Shopify is a one-stop-shop for ecommerce implementation, from a mom and pop shop selling home made trinkets for 1$ a piece, to multi million dollar businesses selling training classes, vehicles and even yachts and vacation packages. Shopify is a solution for anyone and everyone.  With the click of a few buttons it lets you create a digital space to showcase your wares and accept payment from over 100 different online payment types in more than 150 countries.  Shopify has made becoming an online entrepreneur streamlined, affordable and easy to get started so let's dive in a little deeper and discover why it's the best and what exactly is the “shopify app store” as well as the best apps to implement as you bootstrap your business.

What makes Shopify so great?

Shopify has been in the ecommerce platform creation business for over a decade.  With more than 100,000 stores in over 150 countries and more than 4 billion dollars worth of products sold. It quite evident that it is a widely accepted and universal system. Shopify also has its own fully integrated payment processor in addition to a mobile point of sale option with your smart device.  This enables you to accept payment wherever and whenever you need to. Lastly one of the major perks to shopify is its app support. The Shopify App Store host a collection thousands of free and premium plugins that extend the functionality of your online store.

Top 3 shopify apps or categories for new store owners

Trust and Security Apps

For starters let's talk security.  The most important thing you can do as a startup is ensure you are not being taken advantage of by the fraudulent underbelly of e commerce.  So to that avail we recommend every start install McAfee and Signifyd. McAfee adds virus and malware scanning to your site in conjunction with shopper fraud identity protection up to $100,000. Signifyd automatically reviews each order that is placed and tells you whether to ship it or not. They back their decisions with chargeback protection (through a 100% financial guarantee) so you can focus on growing your business with zero fraud liability.

Product Review and Social Proofing Apps

Next up to bat product review apps or sometimes referred to as social proofing apps.  These apps are used to garner trust of your would be customers, it lets them see feedback from previous customer purchases and gives them the piece of mind that you are an above board store owner.  Our champion in this arena goes to the Shopify Product Review App, by far the simplest and cheapest, (how does free sound) product review app on the market.  It does just what it says, it offers and displays a place for your customers to voice their opinion about your company, product, service, shipping, etc.  Not to mention we personally swear by it and offer a review service you can check out to have your new store loaded with customer converting reviews right from the moment you launch.

Email Marketing and Follow up Lead Generation Apps

Last but certainly not least the category of email marketing and lead generations.  This category is the perfect marriage to the previous.  More often than not the first time a would be consumer stumbles across your site they may be searching initially just for information, we call this “top of sales funnel traffic.” Meaning your potential customer is not quite ready to buy and they are still window shopping, we don't want them going to another store to browse around so we create email and sign up campaigns to keep our store fresh on their mind.  One of the best apps to do this is klaviyo. This app helps you drive sales by using data from Shopify to send automated abandoned cart emails, create personalized product recommendations, deliver post-purchase engagement campaigns, run better Facebook ads and more. It's data-driven marketing, made simple.

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