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How Product Descriptions Lead to Greater Sales


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We live in the digital information age, where on a daily basis better yet hourly basis we are bombarded with information from a myriad of outlets.  Social media sites, news outlets, commercial advertising, street signs, even text message blast, information is constantly available.  This is of paramount importance when it comes to selling a product online.  Let's say for example you are new to drop shipping and are deciding to sell a well known product by a well known and reputable manufacturer.  This product has great reviews on other sites, a solid warranty and is cost effective to maintain over the life of the product.  You have the green light to proceed with loading and advertising the product on your new dropshipping store, there's only one problem.  All the descriptions surrounding this product that you have found from other vendors is identical, every single website is using the manufacturer's default description.  Let's take a look at 5 ways you can generate sales just by describing the product in a different way.

The almighty SEO algorithm

When it comes to the search engine results page this is a never ending cat and mouse game of website owners trying to stay one step above the compounding analytic prowess of Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Since Google has near limitless resources in regards to scrubbing digital data and is hard at work while you are sleeping, it's safe to assume you can not beat them at their game.  In an article published in 2013 by, it was stated then that there was over 30 trillion unique webpages published up from the previous number of 1 trillion in 2008.  To put this into perspective just how massive 30 trillion pages of data is let look at it in terms of seconds.  One second is a very brief period of time easily quantifiable, however one million second is roughly 11.5 days.  Just shy of 2 weeks, which means 1 billion is 11,500 days or roughly 31.5 years! So one trillion seconds is a whopping 32, 000 years ago give or take a century.  So the “known” web has grown 30 times in just 5 years, and the almighty Google crawls and indexes this and stores it in a data file approximately 100 billion gigabytes in size, that's over 32 million thumb drives (32gb size).  All of that being said you should easily come to the conclusion that you can not out analyze Google nor compete with the amount of new pages being added on an exponential daily basis.

Only the freshest among us

Because of the amount of searches being carried out on a daily basis and the amount of web pages being added to the “known” world wide web.  It is essential that your website continues to offer the most relevant and pertinent data regarding your product.  If the description you have chosen already exists on the web via multiple other sources, which have long since been in existence, Google simply bypasses your data and deems it irrelevant and duplicated, so often times your site may not get crawled or quantified because in the eyes of Google, it already has this information.  So it is paramount that you write custom, unique and relevant product descriptions to capture your target audience in a way not currently being utilized.

Not just the basics

Since your product is undoubtedly the exact same product that your competition as well as the manufacturer and second hand outlets are selling, you need a way to promote it that doesn't repeat the same basic information over and over again.  Yes, size, color, warranty are all relevant and important, but for the most part your customer already knows this and so does Google.  You need to capture your audience with verbiage and language that is especially unique to them.  If you're selling tech gadgets using words like, “redundant, capabilities, capacity and storage” will go over better than “sleek, elegant, and holds a lot”. Do some research on your audience and poke around in forums and read reviews.  In short see what the competition is doing and then do it better and different!

Last line of defense

You are not alone in the product description rename game.  If you find yourself struggling to create those fresh, unique, audience grabbing descriptions do some web searching and see if that gets the creative juices flowing.  If you find yourself still up against the wall or just value your free time and aren't in the mood for data mining, reach out to a content writing service such as Dynamic Content Review Service, they have a few options regarding population of unique content at affordable rates and by highly skilled American native speakers.

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