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Is Shopify The Best Ecommerce Platform?


There has never been a better time to strike out on the entrepreneurial trail than now, the information digital age.  Never before in history has it so painstakingly easy to be your own boss. Have you ever wanted to get paid to offer your services as a fashion consultant, designer, writer, personal trainer, blogger, product design specialist or cosplay makeup artist. Literally the pathways for success are endless and the tools to forge your Michelangelo from the marble are plenty. We are going to tell you our personal pick of the litter and why we feel it will be the quickest, easiest and most rewarding option.

Which platform should you choose?

In the land of ecommerce marketing platforms the toughest part is just simply "getting started." And getting started means deciding which platform out of the dozens of available options should you choose from. With names like, Bigcommerce, Woocommerce, Wix, 3dCart, Volusion and Weebly a quick google search will quickly show you that they are each sound choices within their own right. In addition to those there are a host of dozens of others that make a strong runners up choice in the top 20 line up. So how do you decide? Which one is the best? Well we are going to eliminate all that guess work and research and tell you right now, that Shopify is the leading contender. So lace up your bootstraps and prepare the saddle this is a ride you're not going to want to miss.

Shopify beats out the competition

Shopify has taken the ecommerce industry by storm, a no name unknown with only 1 store less than a decade ago now hosts over 100,000 stores and sales grossing 4 billion in total. Shopify has created a literal one stop shop to set up your digital footprint and start getting paid. From customizable themes both free and premium to loaded apps that offer identity protection, mail campaigns, rewards programs and even digital book / record keeping for those pesky end of year taxes. With the customizable themes you can go from zero to  Neo as your ecommerce matrix comes to life. You don't need any web design experience or knowledge of codes and scripts everything is laid out in easy to use templates that make the entire integration seamless. In addition to its user friendly adaptation Shopify hosts its own payment platform build directly into the site, so you have have somehow been sleeping through the digital payment platforms like bitcoin, PayPal, dwolla  and skrill, you will be able to use credit cards right on the website through Shopify payments portal.

Affiliate Marketing

If all of those reasons aren't enough to sweeten the pot and get you to pull the trigger Shopify will allow you to test drive the entire suite for 14 days.  You will be able to design the layout, look and feel of your store all for free and if you hustle during that 2 week period you will even be able to pull in some profits all before spending one wooden nickel.  After 14 days Shopify will automatically enroll you in their lowest tier program which is only $29 a month. Now this blog wouldn't be complete if we couldn't entice you with something special that only we could provide so here it is. If you opt to sign up with our affiliate program through Shopify we can give you not 2 weeks, not 4 weeks not even 8 weeks free, we can give you an UNLIMITED free trial. Hope that sounded like a classic infomercial. The way it works is the store is built on the back end of our management site with all the same access, only thing is you don't have to put in any credit card data and you can take as long as you want to build it.  If that sounds interesting shoot us a message and we can set you up!

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