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High Quality Reviews And The Power They Possess


Imagine you are in the market for a new product, device, vehicle or even vacation destination. You do the research, determining your budget, deal breakers, and aspects you're unwilling to compromise on. Then, after all that, you successfully narrow it down to 3 identical options whose value and cost are indistinguishable from one another. Your hundreds of choices and hours of research has allowed you to close in on a decision. You are just one step away from placing the order, but which one should you go with? How can you tell which item is the best? That's where product reviews come in.  

Product reviews carry weight

When faced with such a dilemma, one might turn to a significant other, friends or family to determine if anyone has any first hand experience with the remaining 3 contenders. We get into a state where we can begin feeling anxiety toward the decision making, and look for any ways to alleviate it. The fear of being wrong can trigger our initial fight or flight response and cause us to use coping mechanisms or disregard making a choice at all.

This is our first look into the psyche of what a “review” actually means to us. A product review reads as an extra bit of validation from someone that has actually used the product in question. People tend to give subconscious validity and weight to other people's opinions when we have no personal one of our own regarding a topic. This is especially evident when the source is someone we feel we can relate to on a personal level.

Reviews from unknown sources

Perhaps even more fascinating is what happens when we cannot reach out to a tangible source to provide intimate, trusted feedback regarding making a decision. Ultimately, we will be happy to shift that burden to the unknowns of the internet just for some semblance of context. Have you ever found yourself reading reviews of a product on a website and making a decision based on what your just read? It's likely you've even done this without thinking about it. As soon as the page loads, your eye goes right to the stars and customer opinions before you even register what else is on teh page.

  • “This hotel was amazing the staff was very attentive and courteous, we stay here everytime we visit.”
  • “My meal was late, the food was cold and tasteless,"
  • "The waitress forgot my silverware, and then overcharged me.”  

The list goes on and on. We read these reviews from unknown sources and process them in some sort of all encompassing personal algorithm locked inside us, and we then make a decision. Even without an specific identity reviews can be the most important x-factor when it comes to consumer purchases.

Positive and Negative Reviews

As an online seller, any sort of interaction with potential customers, blog readers, or affiliate marketers requires input from external sources. Quality reviews will be essential in the success of your e-commerce footprint. Visitors will want to be reassured that your website is “legit” and the only way they can come to this determination is through the reading and evaluation of internet peers and their comments about you. The power of reviews predate e-commerce and is deeply ingrained in our psyche and social validation within our society.

Recommendations matter. People saying good things about a product or experience make other people want to try it for themselves. Likewise, people saying negative things will make other wary and afraid to try something new. The kicker, is the people saying NOTHING about a product or service, will make them just as wary and afraid as if terrible things had been said. The power of reviews is not to be taken lightly.

During your entrepreneurial journey you will want to leverage as many avenues as possible to ensure your customers have pertinent and current information regarding your products. If you are just starting your journey and having trouble sourcing reviews, let Dynamic Content Review Service do the heavy lifting and load quality reviews for you. A little validation goes a long way, and without it, you could be potentially committing eCommerce suicide.

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