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Frequently Asked Questions

Is your content authentic?

Yes, our services are 100% unique, copyrighted authentic material.  When we create the content for your product descriptions, you can rest assured that it did not come from any other web sources. It will be sole brainchild of the DCRS team.

How do you get product reviews?

Our team gathers product reviews from various sources, related specifically to your product niche, this is where the “generic product” review portion comes from. This way, you are able to maximize the reviews across your website and populate them more effectively.

Best practice is to use the reviews for initial content when starting your site and replace them as you gain specific reviews from your customers related to their purchase.

How do I tell you what products I want content for?

Fill out our customer form here, then attach it with your product inventory (how to export inventory), and send it to us via email.  And we will take care of the rest!

What do i do if i'm not happy with my product?

Please contact us with the issue/concern related to your product purchase, and we will do our best to satisfy your inquiry. Please see our Refund/Revision policy for details

Can you send me a sample of your work?

Better than sending a sample, we offer a free trail both on product content and reviews. You can head over and select the free option, and we will send you custom created content specifically for you to use on your site.

Do you outsource any of the data mining?

No, all content is created by the DCRS team, and is conducted by native English speaking American citizens.

What type of reviews will I receive for my products?

Your reviews will be related to your niche and some of which directly related to your product. We strive to provide the most accurate product reviews as possible. As mentioned previously, best practice is to use the reviews for initial content when starting your site and replace them as you gain specific reviews from your customers related to their purchase.

How do I give you access to my shopify store?

Follow the steps below, or download the guide here

  1. Log in as the account owner or as a staff member with full permissions.

  2. From your Shopify admin, click Settings, then click Account.

  3. Click Add staff member, input the username and email (

  4. Select the “Limit admin access”option

  5. Under “General”select only Products, Inventory, & Collections, under “Configuration”select Applications and under “Sales channels”select Blog Posts & Pages

  6. Click Send Invite

What review platform do you utilize?

There are a number of review apps that work with shopify. We found the “Shopify Product Reviews” app to be the easiest to implement for an initial startup and is currently the only one we support with our reviews product.

How are you able to do so many product reviews and product content creations in such a short time frame?

We have been in the content and creative writing business for over a decade. During this time we have developed proven methods for content generation. The methods we utilize alongside our team of professional create an environment that is perfect for rapid execution.

What if I don't want to give you access to my store?

If you are not comfortable providing limited access, we will provide your items via pdf, and you can input them into your store at your leisure.

How do you get unique content if the supplier does not provide any information?

Please see above question reference our delivery time frame.

How quickly will I receive my items.

We promise to deliver your items regardless of which package you purchased within 72 hours of us receiving your customer content request form. In the world of eCommerce and digital marketing time is money and we value our time and yours, which is why we guarantee that we will have your items within 72 hours. That's not business days, that's 72 hours PERIOD!

What do you offer repeat customers.

If you are a repeat customer please shoot us an email prior to your next order and we will provide you with a custom discount code, anywhere from 5%-30% off depending on the order size.

Is there any incentive for referrals?

If you are satisfied with our work and you have friends or colleagues that could benefit please feel free to share the website with them. Also sign up for our affiliate program here. Where you can earn upwards of 500$ a month just for having your friends utilize our services

How will my items be delivered?

If you opt out of our white glove service (by far the best deal) we will deliver your items via pdf via email.

How many times can I utilize the free offer.

Offer is available 1 time per person per niche.  So if you have multiple stores you may use it on another store.