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How It Works

Step 1.

Decide how many Product Descriptions and/or Reviews you would like us to create for you. 

Step 2.

Choose the correct product closest to the number of Reviews or Product Content Creations you need. Add the item to your cart, and complete your purchase

Step 3.

Fill out the Customer Content request form with as much detail as possible.
To make it easier follow this guide to export your store inventory and give us the exact items you want to promote - How to Export Inventory 

Step 4.

Email the completed form back to us. With the inventory export

Step 5. 

Receive your content order within 72 hours!

This includes our White Glove service in which we upload the products on your behalf! 

Step 6.

Follow the steps below, or download the guide here, to grant us permission to upload site content
  1. Log in as the account owner or as a staff member with full permissions.
  2. From your Shopify admin, click Settings, then click Account.
  3. Click Add staff member, input the username and email (
  4. Select the “Limit admin access”option
  5. Under “General”select only Products, Inventory, & Collections, under “Configuration”select Applications and under “Sales channels”select Blog Posts & Pages
  6. Click Send invite

Dynamic Content Review Service is an American Company that uses American writers and content generators for English speaking markets.