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The Gambler

Your dropshipping personality type is: The Gambler

The Gambler likes big sales, big money, and big ambition. Preferring to work in a niche you’re passionate about, you’re still constantly thinking about the next store or opportunity. Success for Gamblers means trying lots of different things, building a store quickly, and automating early in order to free up bandwidth for new ventures.

Needless to say, you are not into minutia. Save analytics and product uploads to someone else. The Gambler likes to talk, is great at sales, and a wonderful idea person. Good at speaking to suppliers and customers alike, Gamblers are gregarious and often wonderful representatives for networking and branding. Brimming with ingenuity, the Gambler is excellent at discovering and taking chances on opportunities others would find too risky to dive into.

Ever the opportunist, you sniff out opportunities at every corner. Some might think you brash and irresponsible, but you prefer your life and business to come equipped with thrills to keep you invested. For you, failure can be brutal, though the odds clearly state that at some point it will happen, ingenuity be damned. You have a tendency to pour so much of your energy and finances into a venture, that big losses can be debilitating, but eventually you understand that big moves are the best way for you to work and make your way back to the tables.

      • PROS:

        • Passion Rules Everything - Gamblers must care to invest. Not being moved by cold facts and figures gives them an edge to fight longer and harder for something they believe in to find the gold that could be mere feet away.
        • Engaging- Gamblers like to have fun. Seems a small thing, but it helps attract people, and build teams and companies individuals want to be connected to and in business with.
        • People People - While typically great with people, gamblers use this to create deeper connections. Even gamblers that aren’t great at sales, have a keen discernment of the motivations of others. Everything is a poker game and everyone has a tell.
  • CONS

    • Risk Attached - The Gambler needs risk to stay interested. While this can be mitigated with discipline and attention, Gamblers still can miss or refuse any niches or deals that are boring.
    • Disinterested in Foundational Work - Dropshipping has a great deal of boring and repetitive work involved. It’s part of the game. Sites must be designed. Products must be added. Metrics must be understood. Everything must be checked and double checked to look professional. Gamblers find this work tedious and impossible over long periods. Gamblers do their best work with teams that can handle to important nuts and bolts of design and content.

      • Automate Quickly- The sooner Gamblers and offload repetition, the sooner they can get back to doing what they do best. Finding opportunities and creating new inroads to success.
      • Outsource as a Rule - It’s important to leverage your skills, but Gamblers are natural pace setters. Once you figure out how you want something to be, find agents to create content like yours.
      • Embrace Flexibility - While many of your partners will bristle at your free more open business style, you need time to think, network, and build on your own terms.
      • Respect The Differences Of Others - As you will be working with others more often than not, remember that your work and lifestyle is not the only or even the best way of operating. Let your partners and employees flourish in their own way.