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The Navigator

Your dropshipping personality type is: The Navigator 

Thorough, meticulous, studious, conservative, The Navigator looks toward the past to design the future. You crave consistency in your dropshipping program. While big sales are always wonderful to have, what you really want to see is sales every day, preferably in a pattern that relates to the sales tactics being implemented. You feel best when your business is predictable and simple, but above all, you want it to be reliable.

The Navigator seeks to learn everything about dropshipping. Courses, blogs, and podcasts are your best friends. A natural knowledge seeker, studying a variety of sources gives you the opportunity to apply the best of what worked to your own enterprise. You seek to become an expert of learning, always iterating and tweaking what worked before to create a slower, more consistent growth.

Surprises and risk are not your preferred condition or outcome. Your dream of wealth is all about playing the averages doing what you say when you say it will be done. Happier analyzing and plotting, you’re at your best with partnerships and teams to do the work you are less interested in. Selling, customer service, content marketing, and office politics are best left to others while you set the course that will move the needle towards greater and greater profits.

  • PROS:

    • Sees the future by looking to the past
    • Hungry for knowledge - Navigators keep their heads in books and their minds on the task at hand.
    • Consistency - The Navigator loves order and is always finding patterns to generate continued success.
  • CONS

    • Risk Averse - The Navigator can often miss out of lucrative opportunities due to preferring to keep things simpler and sticking to their plan
    • Slow Moving -  Preferring to have “all of the data” before embarking, navigator may not get lost easily, but they don’t make journeys very quickly either. Sometimes, they will have to move before they are comfortable.
    • Learning better than doing - It is easy for Navigators to enjoy learning all about a subject but not applying what they’ve learned. They sometimes must be reminded to get out there and try all the things they’ve picked up.

    • Partnership - Connect with other entrepreneurs that share your passion, but could use your knowledge. This allows you to stay in the places you are most effective. Leading from the rear, and creating a business that can survive any changes in the market.
    • Outsource the boring stuff - While you may be exceptional with analytics, number crunching and strategizing, other avenues such as blog posts, social media, calling suppliers, selling to customers, and answering emails might drag down any sense of enjoyment from your business. Don’t be too proud or cheap to hire people to aid you.
    • Create Timelines - Trust your instincts and build timelines and set goals, but be willing to be flexible as things change and shift. Some team members, may not like to follow the timeline, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable to have.
    • Diversify your knowledge base - Just because you signed up for Dropship Lifestyles, doesn’t mean you can’t use other places to learn more. While the “winners” can teach much, the “less successful” have many useful lessons as well.