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The Gun Jumper

Your Dropship Personality Is: The Gun Jumper

You love to understand how all of the pieces fit together, and with the help of your keen analytical mind you’re able to see and understand quite a few pieces at once. It’s because of this that patience is not a virtue. The Gun Jumper likes to get a read on something then dive in and make it happen. Growth, automation, and scalability are always on your mind.

Once that mind is made up, any delays could change the conditions you’ve so accurately scouted, so you’d rather go full speed, make mistakes, learn from those mistakes, then set up and go again. For you, risk is part of the game; it’s inaction that upsets you most of all. For Gun Jumpers, passion is secondary to achieving  results because success is what you are most passionate about all the way to the point of being willing to leap into danger to attain it. Gun Jumpers have no problem outsourcing or bringing in credible talent, but refuse to be slowed down once the time to work has commenced.

  • PROS:

    • Makes moves quickly and easily - With ecommerce, opportunity can often be fleeting. Gun Jumpers are able to quickly mobilize and capitalize on opportunities that pop up..
    • Multi-talented - working and succeeding at a variety of tasks, be they design, strategy, or personality focused.
    • Strong willed and invested in making things happen.
    • Strong leadership skills - Able to scout and use talent effectively
  • CONS

    • Moves without all the data - Waiting is poison to the gun jumper, and they dislike feeling ineffectual. As a result, they can dive in without all the info preferring to learn as they go which can take lots of time.
    • Prone to burnout - While the mind may be keen, the body needs rest and Gun Jumpers can get more invested in seeing their goals through than taking time out to recharge.
    • Overly focused on big results and bigger paydays - This leads to dismissing consistent growth and quality metrics in favor of chasing larger scores. 
    • Prone to comparison - Remember that in all things, the real battle is with yourself. Never mind how peers are succeeding and failing. Remember to run your race.  

    • Think and Tinker - Spend time playing with new processes, apps, and structures. Anything that allows you to set up and move on is a great way to keep momentum moving forward.
    • Delegation - While great with consistency, your eye on scaling means splitting up tasks. Understand the difference between important and urgent, knowing which requires your attention and which can be delegated to others.
    • Listen - Wanting things to move quickly and be exactly what's in your mind, it’s easy to get bogged down in doing too much and demanding too much from partners and employees. Avoid micromanagement, and build a team you can trust.
    • Relax - Greatness requires days off. Know when to leave work and recharge your batteries.